Ganges Jr.

I am not saying that I don’t like her, but she still is not Ganges Senior, whom we lost a year ago in March and whom I still miss very much since he was my hero, and guide and mentor. Anyway, here is Ganges Junior in a very relaxed position on mom’s bed.

Ganges Junior in relaxed position
Ganges Junior in relaxed position

Nothing like a cozy nitch for my afternoon catnap

Hi folks, four-legged and two.

Nothing like a cozy nitch for my afternoon catnap.
Nothing like a cozy nitch for my afternoon catnap.

Here is a picture of the latest addition to my mom’s friend’s household.

After she lost three of her dogs (Tosca and Major to old age and Libby to a tumor), she added a new cat (formerly know as fireman, now re-named to Mozart) to her household.

Check this picture out.  He does not look comfy, or?

How do you like them apples, I mean milk

Hi, it’s Sockee again. Happy overcast weekend, at least were I live.

I just found this adorable video.  I was that small once 🙂


C aring
A ffectionate
T ender
S pirits

That is definitely me. Now stop reading and watch the video…..

Copper the kitten is dancing

Well, I did find out the the “milk” kitten’s name is copper.

Believe it or not, I was that cute myself when I was that size. He is going to be a handful, I can tell.

Enjoy the dance!

[yt_video id=1]

I am Sockee and you are?

OK, guys. So the theme I picked does not look like it belongs to us pets.. Yes, this is a definitely better theme than before.

Good job, mom!

However, I am a sentimental and very shy feline and this reminds me of my previous life….misty.

Now, I am better.  I chose folks that love me and spoil me, but, guess what, after my hero disappeared last year, they actually dared to bring another yellow (this time female) kitten.

Hmmm, what were they thinking.

And on to top it off they named her the same as my Hero, Ganges.

I don’t know about you human beings.  She is definitely not a Ganges.  She is more a cross of Ganges, Oscee and maybe Miss Ebby, all the ones that had moved in with my folks.

I tell you about them in another post.

Today, I just want to introduce myself.

I am a long-haired grey feline, with white booties and a white chin and breast.  I am absolutely adorable.  But, I am shy and “only” a one-person cat. Meow, until they got me a play-mate, arrrrgh.

Ah well, maybe I’ll get used to her, given time….or better, she needs to get used to me since I was HERE first. There you have it.

I will be about 4 years old in September or is it 5.?  I am saying about, because I am not quite sure of the exact date of my birth, but I was really really small and fit into my “mom’s” small hands.  They bought me from a local pet store; well I have my mom look it up next time I talk to her to get the exact date when she bought me.  I know she will do it for me, because she is well trained, and does almost everything I ask of her.

Meow and I’ll talk to you soon or right after I talked to her.  But now I have to check out the back yard and make sure there are no intruders. If there are I’ll be right back.


PS:  I’ll get my mom (she is the computer whiz) to upload a nice (or maybe not so nice ????) picture of me.  And later I’ll talk her into writing about my other previous friends.



About Me

I am Sockee, a grey feline that adopted her parents, esp. her mom a few years ago.

Mom named me Sockee, because I have 4 white socks and White Socks sounded so native Indian, I am more Himalayan mix, or so.

Yep, that is me, Sockee

Now admit, I am cute!

Yes, you guessed it, I have long grey hair that gets always tangled up, but I DO NOT want a lion cut, not matter what my mom’s friend says.  Hope you’ll heard me, since I was shouting.

When I moved in with my folks, they had a yellow male who was about 10 years old.  the most beautiful cat I have ever seen and he soon became my hero and teacher.  His name was Ganges.  And man, was he smart.  So, you see even a feline can learn from a master, and a master he was.

He didn’t talk much with his vocals, but he sure could paint pictures in my mind.  I didn’t dare to argue with him.  But I loved him dearly.

From Ganges, I learned that not every miau (I just don’t know how to spell that word)  gets an answer, but painting a picture by looking at your folks, sure gets their attention fast.  Well, not so fast with me, since I have not mastered that psycha…psycho… whatever you call it.  I am still practicing.

Pew, it’s windy today and my hair (well act. fur) is just blowing in the wind.  Let me sniff for a moment and see what kind of smells the wind brings to me.

Heh heh heh, I’ll let you know when I figure it out 🙂

So now you know quite a bit about me.  Now it’s your turn.  Tell me about yourself, so that we see whether we have something in common.

Create an awesome day (as my mom would say).  Her thing is: ‘everyone creates their own luck’ and she is sure working on that one, but don’t tell  her I said so.