I recently found out that my cat, Marv, hates it when I read aloud. He starts to look at me pleadingly, paces around, and meows insistently. He even climbs on top of the book and bites my wrists in protest.
by Chris Roll (Facebook).

My one cat, Earl, licks my husband’s armpits while he’s sleeping.
by caseykicksrocks

My great aunt requested a portrait of Jesus for Christmas one year (she’s 87, give her a break). So I found her a nice one and leaned it up against a wall in my living room, intending to come back and wrap it later. A while later I hear a weird scraping sound. I go in the room and my cat has the edge of the picture frame in her mouth and was slowly dragging it across the room. I yell, “Hey!” And she dropped it and ran like hell.

I still don’t know what she was intending to do with it.
by Catherine Dallaire (Facebook)